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Poster Design

Visual Language + Grammar
A Triptych of Triangles, Squares & Circles: Inspired by Gestalt and Bauhaus theory I created a design in which all the shapes could figuratively relate to each other but also meant I could give variation by changing the emphasis of the shape and colour in each poster.

Letterform Live

Basing the design for the type classification poster on Kimberly Elams’ three column, three row gird, helped to give me an understanding of arranging and grouping the elements give visual clarity. I decided to work with the long rectangle for the event title in the left hand position and grouped the date, topic and speaker grouped together using bold and italic variations on the type to delineate the subjects. This meant I had a good amount of negative space and the words can be read in a logical left to right motion. I included a white square to draw the eye down to the address and to balance the composition. 

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